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Liangju is a professional China Rubber bushings Manufacturers and China Rubber bushings suppliers. Our factory which manufactures Rubber Products. Our high volume production lines and quality guarantee are supported by our 12,000 sq.meter of our-owned manufacturing facilities and testing laboratories. Our product sales areas include United States, Germany, Japan, Poland, France, Pakistan, UAE, RU, etc.

Rubber bushings are a kind of vibration isolators. The main purpose is to serve as an interface between two parts, acting as a buffer and absorbing some of the energy produced by the interaction of two parts.

Rubber bushings are widely used in the production of vehicles. Typically, they are found in anti-roll bars, shock absorber mountings, double wishbone suspensions, gear sticks and in the internal combustion engines of some cars.

Резеңке втулкалар әр түрлі формада болады. Әдетте, олар сақиналы цилиндр түрінде жасалады және металл корпуста немесе сыртқы түтіктерде қоршалған. Басқа қосымшаларда втулкаларда оларды ұсақтаудан сақтайтын ішкі ұсақтау түтігі болады.

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Customized Резеңке втулкасы made in China which is environmental, durable, fashion and quality. As one of China Резеңке втулкасы manufacturers and China Резеңке втулкасы suppliers, we have been working hard to become one of the international brands. We passed RoHS and REACH certification and our products has one year warrant. We use Taiwan technology to apply Taiwan management and manufacture in strict accordance with Taiwan quality and standard-size.You don't worry about the price. You can buy discount and wholesale Резеңке втулкасы with a low price or cheap quotation from our factory. Because discount product is the latest selling and hot sale, it is always in stock and supports packaging in bulk. If you need, we can give you our free sample and price list, we are looking forward to working with you.